The first cup sleeve event J-Hope from BTS band

🌼☀️I'm your hope. You're my hope. I'm J-Hope ☀️🌼 •

❤️ Thank you all for attending the first cup sleeve event ❗️EVER❗️held in Norway on 23/02-20. It was an incredibly honor to make drinks for you, blast BTS' music, see you smile ear to ear when receiving a J-Hope-photo card and cup sleeve, watch you dance, and most importantly: witness you being in a comfortable and enjoyable environment with fellow intellectual ARMYs.

Teaology Oslo - bubble tea dessert Norway

🥰 All of your smiles were truly as bright as the Sunshine J-Hope's apperance and personality.

❓What's a cup sleeve event? To celebrate an artist's birthday/anniversary at a place, then receiving free goods when purchasing stuff from the place that hosts the event.

🎉 We will keep on hosting events for artists that we enjoy. We genuinly love BTS, their depth (artistry AND personality-wise) and their genuine, important message to the world through powerful lyrics/speeches/letters. Many more events will happen in the future, so keep an eye open 😉

💜 A big thank you to wonderful@alittleslate,@elinejeanette,@bangtanbbbangtan,@jinjinbyrosa,@_ourbangtanuniverse7and@tiny_fairyprince: such beautiful humans with strong dedication and supportive, passionate engagement for people they believe in ✨💜

❗️ Follow the biggest Norwegian BTS-fanbase on twitter for updates and fun content: @ NorwegianBAS

Bubble tea lovers at BTS band's event










Bubble tea / Dessert in Oslo

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Address: Dronningens gate 15, 0152 Oslo (Prinsens gate 10, 0152 Oslo)

(inside the charming backyard of Posthallen)


                Mon-Sat: 12:00-20:00
                Sun: 12:00-20:00

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