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💫😋 Pearmony: a refreshing drink with the taste of orchard fruits (pear and apple), subtle cinnamon, then topped with dalgona foam.

🧋It’s a flavorful symphony by each sip: you will enjoy succulent and fragrant flavors in our unique fusion of apple, pear and cinnamon, with a layer of a smooth Dalgona foam. The drink will elevate your bubble tea journey. It’s perfect for those craving a refreshing ice tea, but also wants a creamy component to it.

✔️ We recommend to add a Marshmallow Bunny topping, to enhance the soft and cloud-like tasting experience of the drink.

✔️ You can tilt the cup with a «45 degree»-angle to enjoy the layer of Dalgona along with the layers of fruits and cinnamon, BUUUUT stirring it well to blend the layers can also be done.

(*) Available at all TeaOlogy’s tea stations.

❣️LAUNCH DATE: 30.04.24

Hurry up and grab yours by the launch!

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