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💖💜 TeaOlogy Posthallen: updates about the expansion and renovation process!

• The building process:

We announced in April 2022 that we'll finally expand and renovate TeaOlogy Posthallen, by taking over the location next to our current one. It has been strategic planning with how to execute the construction, based on our vision for the new TeaOlogy concept. We have removed the walls that separate the two locations. We have laid down an entire new floor, built an unique arched doorway and ordered completely new sets of custom-made interior. We have also had several brainstorming-meetings with our guests, our team and our helpful brand advisor Rebecca (@obambie).

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

• Our thoughts:

Since the establishment of TeaOlogy, we have received more love than our wildest expectations. We realized quickly that TeaOlogy Posthallen was way too small, and we knew we had to make a change. Sadly the change couldn't be done before we got approval by our landlord, but after tedious and intense meetings - WE GOT APPROVED IN 2022!

We're bubbling of joy, because this buidling process has been planned for more than two years now. Even though we expand, we always remember where we started. We launched in December 2019 in the hidden backyard of Posthallen. A place few people knew about, yet we trusted our guts that we could attract enough guest and let them taste what we so passionately create and trust.

• Expected grand reopening:

There are some tasks left to do, but we'll surely be done in September 😉 Give us a few weeks to make the last adjustments, then we're ready to open the doors of our flagship store to YOU!

Thank you for joining our creative, explorative and fun journey! It's a dream to be able to do what we love. We hope you'll enjoy the new look of TeaOlogy Posthallen - our firstborn tea station, and now it'll be our flagship store of all TeaOlogy's tea stations in NORWAY!

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