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🍐✨ Pearadise: our new bubble tea with flavor of juicy pear, chrysanthemums and apple, which gives a hint of tropical bliss. It sure is a taste adventure you don’t want to miss!

We made this drink, with the intention of representing Tet (Vietnamese New Year). Chrysanthemums symbolizes prosperity, luck and new beginnings, so this iced tea captures the essence of this cherished tradition. In Vietnamese culture, the flowers of pear are not just ornamental; they’re dried and brewed into delicious teas, creating a flavorful and aromatic experience.

Pearadise is a drink that you should try, especially during Spring and Summer 🌸

(*) We recommend to top «Pearadise» with Aiyu Jelly topping, Green Apple or Strawberry popping pearls 🫶🏻😋✨

(**) Vegan. No preservatives, 100% real fruit chunks imported from Asia.

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