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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Driving a change to tea in Oslo🍵

🌱 Premium classic and herbal teas.

🌾 100% vegan. Plant-based milk.

🍓 No synthetic syrups, no artificial flavours, no animal milk.

🥂 Bridge old tradition of tea with modern lifestyle by creative mixing techniques.

Driving a change to tea in Oslo

Here you will find the true beauty from nature. Each of our drink is a combination of freshly-brewed tea, plant-based milk and a giant piece of passion.

🍵We are a young team of tea lovers who find the lack of tea options and appropriate perception about tea in Norway by Generation Y and Z. We strongly believe that tea is not only super healthy to drink but also fun beverage to enjoy.


For tea types, we brew fresh premium tea everyday. Our tea is provided by leading suppliers in UK, Germany and Taiwan, ranging from black tea, jasmine tea, matcha, or herbal teas such as flowering tea. We are humble to bridge old tradition of tea culture and modern lifestyle.

🌱 To do so, we start with a few top-tier tea options and then expand with a variety of tea choices at your liking. The bridge here lines in the creation of tea mixing with milks and toppings. 🍀 We do believe in the power of plant-based ingredients. At Teaolgoy, we only go for plant-based milks such as rice milk, soya milk, coconut milk or almond milk selectively sourced from best flavours currently in Norwegian market. 🌑 We only use Grade A tapioca balls and if you prefer jelly over balls, our home-made butterfly pea flower tea jelly, matcha jelly or coconut jelly are made from scratch, too.

At Teaology, you will find a "100% vegan" cup of tea filled with house-made toppings, plant milks and a giant piece of passion.

TeaOlogy - The finest bubble tea in Oslo

Address: Posthallen building (Dronningens gate 15, 0152 Oslo).



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