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Have you had the chance to try out our vegan coffee jelly yet❓

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Ever since we incorporated coffee jelly in our topping collection, we simply can’t stop using it as topping whenever drinking our milk teas. It has a good consistency and flavour, which truly goes well with our milky bubble teas!

All the topping flavours we serve you, have all been carefully picked out after what we find enjoyable and complementary in bubble teas. Have you any topping recommendations for us to serve you in the future?

Vegan Coffee Jelly bubble tea Oslo Drammen Sandvika Trondheim Norway
Vegan Coffee Jelly 💨 TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

Soooo to conclude this post: we recommend you to try coffee jelly when you order from us next time. Just a heads-up... a yummy, mouth-watering heads-up! Let us know if you like it yourself hihihi!!

Also, what do you think about our take on ASMR-videos? We really enjoy making them because it’s calming & lots of fun fun fuuuun (sometimes messy). Hopefully you enjoy and find it brain tingling!!

Have a good weekend, good humans! We hope you all are doing well, safe and thriving. Take care.


Sadly we’re out of popping pearls, due to the domino effect of the blocking of Suez Canal. Luckily we still have many staple and yummy toppings to choose from, such as vegan jellies (coffee, herbal, pineapple) and tapioca pearls. Thank you for the patience while we wait for our dear popping pearls!

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