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Graduates of TeaOlogy!

Big congratulations to all our guests that graduated this year. TeaOlogy also has three members who are a part of Class of 2022!

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway
Graduates of TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

Much love to:

- Our baristas @a.palacios4 (not pictured) and @uglychinaboy (middle) graduated from their high school. We wish you a successful career and a bright future ahead. We hope that the journey at TeaOlogy has been a great chapter and work experience, where you learnt to be even more responsible, efficient, mindful, kind and fast paced. We also hope we have given you a lot of memorable moments. We are blessed that we share a part of our life together. We believe you can do whatever you set your mind to!

- Our core team member Linh (left), who is both a marketing consulent and content creator for TeaOlogy, is now done with her master’s degree at UiO. Linh to us is a super human being. She is a trustworthy, honest, determined, disciplined, and what we want to call a «boss lady». Nothing can fear her. With a strong determination on what she aims for, she has always achieved her goals. Congratulations to her great happiness on graduating with 5 years of pursuing her passion. Besides that, it has been a remarkable journey she has had with TeaOlogy throughout the period. We have overcome so many ups and downs in running TeaOlogy as a small team. During her 5 academic years; she operated an experimental (but challenging) concept with us, which we have built everything from scratch. She has nailed it all with hard work, dedication, concentration and love.

Some moments in our life are challenging but we believe that the fruitful and joyful future awaits you all who are full of passion, persistence and love into what you trust.

Congratulations yet again to our TeaOlogy team members and to all our guests who have graduated from the class 2022! 🥳🥳

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