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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

An event to celebrate an artist's birthday/achievement/anniversary. Fans of that specific artist/group come together, order a beverage/food item, enjoy themselves by listening to their favourite artist(s) during the event. In addition they receive free non-official merchandise of their artist(s).

Yet another successful cupsleeve-event was held at our place last Sunday 11.10. It was all done in a safe matter, where boba loving-souls attended. This time the event was for the South Korean pop-group M.O.N.T @m.o.n.t_official to acknowledge and celebrate their new album release.

It has been held three cupsleeves in Norway, which all of them have been hosted at our place. Long before we launched our boba station, our team thought that cupsleeve-culture lacked miserably in Norway. It's therefore quite wonderful that we've managed to host three of those events, which we once craved to attend and host ourselves (before launching). We're grateful that different Norwegian fanbases reach out to us and plan events with us.

We want our place to be a comfortable, safe space for everyone - free from judgement and shaming of whatever. Music is music, regardless of what language it is in.

CUPSLEEVE-EVENT bubble tea Oslo Drammen Sandvika Trondheim Norway
CUPSLEEVE-EVENT in TeaOlogy. TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway


- 23.02.20: event for our loving, talented, hardworking J-Hope (BTS). An underground dancer, rapper, producer, composer and literally the human form of a sun ray. Only love, respect, admiration and support to J-Hope/Hobi and the rest of BTS.

- 01.08.20: event for Stray Kids

- 11.10.20: event for M.O.N.T

Thank you to @mont_norway and @outlandoslo for joining TeaOlogy-team to host such a beautiful event with us.

Stay tuned for more cupsleeve-events. Comment below who you want us to host for. If you mention "BTS": ladies and gents, many of them are currently being planned - no worries 😉

Driving a change to tea in #NORWAY#OSLO 🐘🍵💚

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