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Wanna join TeaOlogy as a pastry/ baker chef?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Please refer to our website: or our instagram: for more information regarding our company and the brand.

TeaOlogy hiring, Teaology hiring baker pastry chef TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway #bubbletea #norway #teaology
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

I. The job descriptions:

The position is part-time or contract-based mode where you can either work at TeaOlogy to research and execute possible Asian cakes to launch in our chain in a period of time; or you can choose to work in a shorter amount of time to research cake formula and hand over to the production team.

• Passionate about Asian desserts is a must.

• Research, create trending cakes and optimize the formulas based on the local market's preferences in Norway until the product is market-fit.

• Experience in a bakery/pastry kitchen setting required.

• Experience with Mochi, Mochi Ice Cream, Tayaki, Japanese cheese Cake, Japanese Cheese Tart, Moon Cake etc…

• Train other employees within the chain to master how to prepare and produce the cakes at the high standard of quality and quantity.

• Adheres to standard inventory management and storage procedures.

• Join company meetings, events if it may have.

II. Benefits

1. Fixed salary or salary per working hours (negotiable).

2. A chance to get promoted to become a store manager when we grow with more locations in Norway.

3. The company has review scheme on each employee's performance each 6 months or 1 year to get salary increase or position promotion. We are a fast-paced growing startup.

4. The company frequently has private and public events for staffs to join such as Halloween event, Christmas event, 17 May event, etc... and other team building activities. Joining our crew means that you have a second home in Norway.

III. Working environment

1. Young (our customers are from 13 to 30 years old mostly, and our staffs are ranging from 17 to 34 years old)

2. High speed (we put priority in good quality product and the speed at work is high)

IV. Requirements

1. The job is part-time or contract-based. You either can choose to work part-time at TeaOlogy as a pastry / baker chef or you can also work as contract-based mode where you research the cake and standardize the formulas within the field.

2. Must be able to communicate in English. Norwegian is a PLUS.

3. Understand the product and the brand.

V. How to apply

If you think you fit this job position, feel free to send us a CV and a motivation letter where your work portfolio is shown to our company email:

The job will start as soon as possible. Please apply before 30 May 2022. You may also send us CV and motivation letter even though the deadline is over since we keep recruiting frequently for our growing stores.

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