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🌟 SHOW TIME: a grand welcome to the upcoming new bubble teas in our forever-expanding TeaOlogy menu - Brown Sugar Boba & Pearmony.

🧋 BROWN SUGAR BOBA: in 2021 we had a version of Brown Sugar Boba, which was only available in a limited edition during Summer. We had it for a few weeks, since we didn’t have the capacity to keep it for a permanent boba (logistics 🤪), BUUUUUT after some work and planning - LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO - it’s time to experience the perfect balance of sweetness and richness with our signature Taiwanese Brown Sugar boba! It’s such a delight with a delectable flavor of brown sugar blended with creamy milk tea, topped with a layer of non-vegan salted cream cheese (Macchiato), THEN finished with a cute Marshmallow Bunny. Of course it’s complemented by chewy tapioca pearls, which adds texture to every sip 🤤💦

(*) Available at TeaOlogy Posthallen, Jessheim Storsenter, Bergen Xhibition, and Strømmen Storsenter

🍐 PEARMONY: discover the harmonious blend of fresh, delicious flavors that is a mixture of a perfect fusion of apples, pears, and aromatic cinnamon. It creates a symphony of taste with every sip you take. It’s topped with a velvety Dalgona foam, which elevates your bubble tea experience to new heights. Just perfect for those seeking a cold and comforting drink. Our Pearmony is here to enchant your senses and evoke the spirit of the sunny season!

(*) Available at all TeaOlogy’s tea stations

Get ready to sip and savor our upcoming delights!

❣️LAUNCH DATE: 30.04.24

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