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Technical Issues

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Yesterday we were met with unpredictable technical difficulties for the whole day, which led to annoyed guests, bad reviews online (because long waiting time) and our staff receiving some direct disrespect. It was an unfortunate incident, for both our guests and us, so let’s talk about it.

• Technical issues:

We have digitalised more of our tea stations through a new system. The system helps tremendously with the flow of guests, and is an efficient tool when it works 100%. However, the system failed yesterday, which led to trouble. The orders piled up, waiting line got longer, people's patience declined and our team's stress level increased. We don’t lack baristas, but we lacked a functional system yesterday, which we feel sorry for.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway
We hope you understanding and patience. TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

Despite the issues, our team kept their heads cold and worked swiftly to solve the "head ache-causing"-problems, and at the same time making drinks. We try to work in a rapid pace, but when the incoming orders exceed our capacity - then our maximum speed is reached. On top of that: if technical issues happen, then our pace gets impacted too. We’re not machines.

• Patience and understanding:

For incidents like this, we ask for your patience, understanding and a sprinkle of kindness.

We’re bound to be met with issues from time to time. As much as we want it to go smooth, it's not always the case 24/7. You should then know that we try our best. Mistakes are never intentional, especially not the ones that are out of our control. We feel your frustration when you have to wait, but know that we also feel frustrated when tricky, troublesome incidents happen.

Thank you for your visits, support, patience, understanding and kindness. We'll do better and keep on improving. If you have tips on how we can do better, then tell us ❤️

Take care, stay safe, be kind and do good!

This post is not meant for sympathy, since the people that immedietaly leave negative feedback online do not follow us nor care about what happens behind the tea station (most likely). We simply want to be transparent.

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