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TeaOlogy Wrapped 2022: the top three most sold bubble teas at us! 🤗

2022 is soon over, and these three bubble teas have been the ones in highest demand at us this year!

• On the first place we have our «Aurora». A beauty in a cup, with layers of strawberry, lime and butterfly pea flower tea. It’s caffein-free and slushy! Remember to SHAKE it before you POP and SIP.

• On the second place is our refreshing iced tea «Pretty Peach». It’s a flavour that’s easy to enjoy!

• On the third place reigns our classical and traditional milk tea «Dirty Chata».

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

MOST SOLD BUBBLE TEA IN 2021: 1) Dirty Chata, 2) Pretty Peach and 3) Taro. Pretty Peach still holds its crown from last year, but Dirty Chata has been knocked down from its first place and been replaced by Aurora 😮

Which bubble tea from us has been your go-to this year? We would love to hear your favourite(s). It’ll be exciting to see if any of the commented bubble tea(s) will be on the top next year 😉

Thank you for staying with us this year. We’ll cheer for a bobalicious 2023 with you all! We hope the new year will treat you and us well ✨

Happy New Year 🥳💜 Take care, stay safe and be kind!

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