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TeaOlogy Trondheim: COMING SOON!

Yes, you read it right. No, you aren’t dreaming. WE ARE COMING TO TROOOOONDHEIM THIS MONTH!!! 😱🗣😭❤️

Our dream has always been to spread more boba and tea culture to other parts of Norway, even before TeaOlogy’s establishment in 2019. By being persistent with the boba dream, we found Diem and her team. They share the same passion as us, hence why we team up with them to bring our tea journey from Oslo to Trondheim.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway Trondheim Oslo Storo Sandvika
TeaOlogy coming to Trondheim

It’s actually unreal to think about our small tea brand travelling several kilometers, from its «birth place» to a city many hours away! We’re nervous about the response we’ll receive in Trondheim, but we’re also excited to expand our brand and connect with more bubble tea-enthusiasts.

Thank you to Diem and her team for believing in TeaOlogy. It’s a pleasure to be involved with like-minded people, who are deeply interested in boba and tea culture. TeaOlogy Trondheim’s team is kind, passionate, genuine and hardworking people. They share the same values as us, and they understand TeaOlogy’s vision and philosophy. Please treat them with kindness and love, because they are great people and a part of us now ❤️ Follow them for updates on @teaologytrondheim!

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway Trondheim Oslo Storo Sandvika
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

Thank you each and every guest who visits us. Your unpouring support gives us a grand dosage of energy to fly far away!

We must admit that this announcement is an emotional one, since we still can’t believe it’s real. It’s an opportunity we’ll never take for granted 🥺❤️

Kind regards,

TeaOlogy 🐘🍵💚

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