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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

This is the fourth taste day we have held. The first was done in November 2019 (before we launched in December 2019), then two taste sessions were in May 2020 for menu ver. 2 The latest was for menu ver. 3, where we’ll be adding Oolong, Mango, Lychee, Peach, Passion Fruit and Strawberry Milk Tea to our ever-growing boba collection.

❤️ Taste tests are valuable and important for us. It’s an informative way to understand all of your preferences. By having an open communication with one and another, it gives us enlightment and new, creative ways on how we should move forward with TeaOlogy. We love that you guys give us constructive criticism (both offline and online), because then we can work on becoming better.

It’s a clear line between hateful, ill-intended comments that gives us no room for improvement, which we have been met with several times. You guys on the other hand always share feedback, which we can WORK with. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

Our Boba bae bubble tea Oslo Drammen Sandvika Trondheim Norway
Our Boba bae. TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

We don’t EVER shy away from feedback that comes from a person that wants to see us grow. As always, we want to shape our brand and ourselves into something we’re proud of. Not only that, we also want you to feel content whenever drinking our creations and being at our place.

Driving a change to tea in #NORWAY#OSLO 🐘🍵💚

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