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TeaOlogy Storo: COMING SOON!

Launch month - July 2021.

How’s it going?

After delayed shipping of inventory and equipment from Asia, due to the pandemic and Suez Canal-blockage, we’re finally in a «beast working»-mode to complete our third tea station in Storo. We have painted the walls, floored the ground, installed water supply & electricity, built the tea bar and put up shimmer walls. There are few more things to be done until the launch, but we can say with confidence it will be during July 2021!

TeaOlogy Storo: COMING SOON!
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

What’s our vision with TeaOlogy?

Every day we try to spread our passion regarding tea and boba in Norway. We truly care about what we do, and it’s on a such deeper level than «boba is a trend». We believe in the power of tea leaves. We want to show people the wide spectrum of tea and all the delicious flavours one can combine with it, to make enjoyable boba. We want to grow steadily, where we improve our tea collection, connect with like-minded people and bring a smile on your face with a heartfelt cup of tea.

🐘🍵💚 Thank you for being a part of this crazy, beautiful, fun adventure with us. Your encouraging words, your support, your constructive criticism and your love pushes us forward.

❗️Reminder: we have a guessing contest, where 30 of you guys can win a brown sugar-kit if you guess the right date of our Storo launch day. Go 6 posts back and comment a date in July!

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