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TeaOlogy's premium collection: HOLOGRAM CUP 😎☀️

SUMMERTIME: launch 09.06.23 😎☀️ We will announce the other new drinks in our premium collection the upcoming weeks in June… STAY TUNED!

summer timer hologram cup limited
Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway

Being one of the most popular drinks in Vietnam for more than a decade, we just had to bring this legendary drink to Norway. At TeaOlogy we will call it «Summertime», because imagine you set your feet in Vietnam (or any warm country for that sake 😝) where the temperature is rising, sweat is dripping and mouth is seeking for a refreshing drink - theeeen lean back and enjoy a glass of a rich peach-infused tea with lemongrass! The harmonious combination of real peach slices, lemongrass, orange juice and a touch of TeaOlogy’s tweak of the original recipe, makes «Summertime» irresistible.

✨ PREMIUM COLLECTION: only the drinks in our premium collection are served in a unique hologram cup. The transformation of the cup from iridescent to gold is magical 😍

BUY ONE, GET FREE GIFT: when buying a drink the premium collection, you will be gifted one of these merchandises:

- Reusable canvas cup sleeve

- Reusable silicon straw

- Bubble tea keychain

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