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TeaOlogy joins the#handwashingmove-challenge 🙌🏼

TeaOlogy joins the#handwashingmove-challenge 🙌🏼

Fight#COVID-19 by washing hands with soap regularly and thoroughly. It's everyone's duty to be logical and take care of our loved ones, the elderly, babies and the ones who are immunocompromised.

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handwashingmove to fight COVID by Teaology Oslo

Thank you to@vichithoiiand@nhuca0for helping us to spread awareness through their fierce dance moves and positive attitude 🔥😊.

🎶 Song: Ghen Co Vy - MIN, ERIK, Khac Hung

Stay safe, clean and healthy, and let's fight#coronavirustogether by following WHO's protective measurements.

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