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🎄HOLIDAY EDITION: Red Guava, Pandan Pell, Piña Colada and Sunset - the ingredients are 100% real chunky fruit, which is imported from Asia. No preservatives!

•❤️ RED GUAVA: immerse yourself in the vibrant drink from the fushion of slushy coconut milk and the exotic red guava (Asian fruit). We can guarentee that for every sip you take, you will have a burst of tropical paradise.

•💚 Pandan Pell: pandan is a green leaf with such an easy fragrant to enjoy, hence why it is used quite a lot in our Southeast Asian dessert culture. This is the very reason why we add it into our drink collection! Tinker Bell is magical and has a charm to her, aaaand so is our Pandan Pell - see what we did there? 😝💚✨

•🥥🍍Piña Colada: our own take on Piña Colada’s mocktail! A frosty, delicious coconut slush blended seamlessly in with chunks of pineapple - it can’t be better than so! It's an icy and tropical drink.

•🧡🍊Sunset: orange juice and chunky red guava on top of each other, creating layers that mimic the breathtaking colors of a sunset. It’s in the same family as our best-seller «Sunrise»!

Turn up the heat this holiday season with our sizzling new corn dogs! 🔥

Meet the Takis Piny for a burst of zesty crunch - his mouthwatering piece of green corndog features a crispy corn dog coated in the bold crunch of Takis powder. It's a perfect treat for those who crave a bit of heat in their holiday bites.

And don't forget to pick our Flaming Cheetos - generously coated in the iconic Flaming Cheetos dust. The result? A crunchy, spicy masterpiece that brings the bold flavor of Flaming Cheetos to the classic corn dog goodness.

These dynamic duos are the perfect way to spice up your winter festivities. 🎄❄️ Which one will be your go-to spicy delight?

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