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Taste test for menu version 2.0 of TeaOlogy - bubble tea brand in Oslo

Aurora dessert at TeaOlogy bubble tea Oslo
Aurora bubble tea by TeaOlogy Oslo

Taste test for menu VER. 2 is now wrapped! 🌟 A successful event with 33 bubble tea-enthusiasts, which was held over 10.05 - 11.05.20. Feedback has been given, and now our team will work intensely (but thoroughly) to launch a yummy menu. Adjustments will be done accordingly to the taste panel's reviews and TeaOlogy's philosophy. The one who waits patiently, will indeed receive our bubble tea creations. Are you excited? 👀

❤️ We're forever grateful for your engagement. As a brand (both MAMA PHO and TeaOlogy's vision), we want to be transparent and strive to be the best version of ourselves - never a version of someone else, but us: wholeheartedly and fully.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Oslo, Norway

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