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TalormadexTeaOlogy-collab is coming 🍩➕🥤

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

TalormadexTeaOlogy-collab can now be seen at @Sandvika_Storsenter 💗💚

We’ll have this exclusive collab from 07.12 till 31.12 (only through Monday - Friday from 12:00). Each day you’ll get a chance to order this extraordinary «boba doughnut»-fusion at our tea station in Sandvika.

TalormadexTeaOlogy-collab bubble tea Oslo Drammen Sandvika Trondheim Norway
TalormadexTeaOlogy-collab. TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

The doughnuts are freshly made in the morning by @talormade, with no preservatives and lots of care & love. If you haven’t had the chance to try her creations yet, then this is just perfect!

Remember that we’ll only have a limited amount of the doughnuts each day (out December), hence why we’ll follow the «first come, first serve»-principal.


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