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🧡💚🤍 Pop-pop-poppiiiing pearls

Alright, we see that our popping pearls haven’t been properly introduced to you guys before. That’s why we should do it now!

• Our topping collection consists of strawberry-, mango-, apple- and lychee-flavoured popping pearls. Plus: grass jelly, pineapple jelly, coffee jelly and the OG tapioca pearls, but heey - this post is all about them ppppopppiiing pppeaaarls oKKKKKKK!!

• They’re vegan, halal, gelatine-free pearls filled with fruit juice.

• The outer shell is made of seaweed extract. Is your reaction «UUUHM?! WHAT? That’s so cool!!», because that’s exactly our reaction.

• They’re chewable, but they usually pop as soon as you put pressure to them. Don’t get scared by the sudden explosion of fruit juice, just vibe with it and sluuurp it up.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway bubble tea boba tea
Popping Boba. TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

❓Are you team popping pearls, jelly or tapioca pearls?

They all are delightful in bubble teas, but popping pearls sure give the extra kick of fruity deliciousness in bubble teas, especially in iced teas.

Have a safe and enjoyable time ahead! Remember we have an ongoing competition on our previous post 😚


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