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OUR MERCHANDISE: tote bags (with zipper and a pocket!!), cup holders, reusable straws, holographic g

If you are wondering what to get yourself as a treat or your TeaOlogy-passionate friend/family member as a surprise gift, then we knooooow what you should be giving: TeaOlogy-merchandise alongside with a bubble tea 🤗

Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway
Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway

• Tote bags: you know the struggle when you want to take out a specific thing from all the belongings you put in a tote bag, but it is all tangled together at the bottom (kinda feels like an endless bottom)? Well, our tote bag has a pocket INSIDE the tote bag AND a zipper! Problem SOLVED ✅

• Cup holders: ditch our plastic bag when carrying your ONE bubble tea when you’re on a stroll in the city. Instead you should get yourself a cup holder and you can walk around freely with your bubble tea on your shoulder/in your hand!

• Reusable straws: #savetheturtles is all we need to say 🤷‍♀️🤷

• Holographic glass cups: if you enjoy to collect pretty glass cups, then our holographic glass cups will be just the IT product to diversify your collection 😮‍💨

• Key chains: colourify your keys by adding a TeaOlogy-key chain. We have it in green, pink, purple, nude and light pink.

If you’re intrigued by what you read, then stop by and see the products in real life at our tea stations, because they’re up for sale now!!

Much love,

TeaOlogy team 🐘🍵💚

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