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Official relaunch of TeaOlogy Sandvika Storsenter 🥳😊

We are back with an improved and prettier tea station at Sandvika Storsenter, after two months with a hefty renovation project. The project started the same day we launched TeaOlogy Storo (July) 😅 It has been nonstop work, yet it is has not been too tiring. Whenever we visualize the final result of our dream tea stations, our energy intensifies.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway #bubbletea #norway #teaology
Sophia and Linh at TeaOlogy Sandvika Storsenter♥

The idea behind the renovation:

• Progression is a key term for us. From the start did our tea station at Sandvika lack the typical «TeaOlogy-zest». BUT, that has changed now! We have managed to advance TeaOlogy Sandvika from 🥴 to 🥰, which we are satisfied with - hihi!

• To create a tea station that is even more well-functional for brewing tea and creating bubble tea. To have an efficient work place for ourselves and our baristas is important. An optimalized tea station with good equipment, make it easier for us to create delicious, aesthetically-pleasing and experimental bubble teas for YOU!

• To be a safe, cozy and fun destination for you to enjoy a cup of tea. We have a seating area, where you can have a good tea time with yourself or your friends! WOHO!!

The support and love from our bubble tea-enthusiasts is one of the most important forces that makes all of this possible. As a self-funded family business, who is not backed by big corps but the core of our small team, it means the world for us that you believe in us. You make it possible for us to do what we love!

Thank you! We know we say it all the time, but we truly are so grateful whenever you give us a chance. We do not ever take any of this for granted.

👍🏽😙👍🏽 Take care, stay safe and enjoy boba!

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