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NEWS ALERT: new vegan topping choices are in! No animal products or gluten - suitable for everyone.

We have three new exclusive and limited topping choices - white pearls, mango pearls and purple rice! They can only be found at our flagship TeaOlogy Posthallen. Try them out, and if you like it - we’ll probably order more of it 🤗 The rest can be found at all seven tea stations.

All of our topping choices are delicious for all flavours of bubble teas, but we highly recommend purple rice, red beans and coffee jelly for milk teas!

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

If you ever need recommendations, please just ask us, because we want to give you the best bubble tea-experience at us.

What’s your go-to topping choice(s) for bubble tea? 😇


• Tapioca pearls

- Original black pearls

- Mango pearls (NEW)

- White pearls (NEW)

• Purple rice (NEW)

• Red beans

• Popping pearls

- Green apple

- Strawberry

- Mango

- Blueberry

- Lychee

• Jelly

- Coffee (refill)

- Pineapple

- Grass/herbal

- Aloe vera

Be aware of cross-contimination (gluten and nuts) under production and preparation.

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1 Comment

Hattie Johnson
Hattie Johnson
Dec 27, 2022

I have read it entirely and got impressed. I love reading more about similar articles Like coupons CUPSHE. Thanks a lot.

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