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NEW IN PREMIUM COLLECTION: Coco Dalgona and Earl Grey Macchiato!

NEW IN PREMIUM COLLECTION: Coco Dalgona and Earl Grey Macchiato! Buy one and receive a gift 🥰🫰🏼

LAUNCH: 14.07.23

TeaOlogy new drinks
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Oslo (Norway)

🥥☕️COCO DALGONA: thick and lushious layer of coffee foam with refreshing slushy coconut milk.

☁️🧋EARL GREY MACCHIATO: deliciously sweet and salty top layer of macchiato cream over a milk tea of Earl grey. This milk tea has rich, malty flavours to it + subtle, floral undertones!


- Bubble teas in this specific collection have high-quality of ingredients, purchased from Norwegian local groceries to support Norwegian vendors. Our drinks have been experiemented and tested with different ingredients, with a range of price. We have now finalized the recipes and chosen to go with the greatest ingredients, which means the drinks in this collection are more costly.


- We are currently making a steady change, where we invest in real fruit purée that contains more fruit and no balancers, thus our purée lasts shorter in months. We still have sugar in drinks, because that cannot fully be removed yet. We want to be transparent with you, at the same time we hope to remove the view that our drinks (people’s view on bubble tea in general) are simply «sugary flavoured drinks» or «taste too fake». We take pride in what we do, so we hope you see our sincerity when it comes to our creations and our desire to always improve. TeaOlogy created in 2019 has the same core values as now, but TeaOlogy in 2023 has changed quite a lot when it comes to improved recipes and ingredients.

Thank you for reading and supporting!

❗️P/S: the gift campaign lasts three days 14-16.07

Much love,

TeaOlogy 🐘🍵💚

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