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💫 Turn on your cozy mode in this cold season with our hot and warm drinks! ❄️☃️

As the temperature drops; we know it is preferred to have a comforting touch around a cup of soothing and warm, so that is why we incorporate hot/warm drinks in our menu.

• HOT PURE TEA COLLECTION: enjoy our pure tea leaves in its fullness - no added sugar og flavours, just brewed tea with hot water. Indulge into the freshness of our teas, and get an immediate burst of coziness – the powerful taste of pure tea will surely hug your body, which is much needed these colder days.

• WARM BUBBLE TEA COLLECTION: do you prefer more flavours to your tea? Then explore our collection of Warm Bubble Teas; many of our well-loved, cold drinks can be made warm for YOU 🫵🏼😗🫵🏼

Head to your nearest TeaOlogy-tea station, and elevate your winter experience with a sip of pure comfort and a delightful warmth feeling.

(*) Two small notes from us:

🍵 Our Hot & Warm Drinks are available at our cozy spots in Drammen, Sandvika, Storo Mall, Lillo Gård, and Posthallen.

For other stores, these exclusive treats will come in so soon!

🧋 The warm drinks are originally our drinks from the Signature and Milky Tea categories - now served warm if you click on that option - you will get more warmth to yourself!

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