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BTS-CUP SLEEVE EVENT: a short summary 💜

Thank you to each and every ARMY who stopped by to celebrate BTS with us on 30.07.22! We hope you had an enjoyable time at us, because we sure had it fun with YOU 💜 It’s always a pleasure to host events where we engage into our interests. To see your happy faces makes us meeeeelt. There will be more events, so stay tuned for those 😉

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway
TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

During the event we had a donation project, just like last year’s event. BTS stands for many important values and they donate frequently to different organizations in silence. We chose to donate to «FRI» (Foreningen for kjønns- og seksualitetsmangfold) with the help of ARMYs. By donating an optional amount, three winners would be randomly selected to win a mix of BTS-merchandise. Congratulations to @alina__john, @emilie.heh and @sofiesja for being picked - please check your DM!

💜 Much love to @official.unc for performing «That That» for us! They also joined the random dance play, and their energy was truly unmatched! We love you girls!!!

💜💜 A special thanks to the volunteer ARMY-workers @annelile, @sof1anord and @tiril_ly. They helped us out by handing out cup sleeves and photocards. You’re simply the kindest!!! BORAHAE

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