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Limited edition only at TeaOlogy Storo from 09.08.21 ❤️‍

Brown sugar boba is famous worldwide, and is a cult favourite for many boba lovers. We just had to launch it for you guys, so you can try what it’s all about! It’s topped with salted cream cheese, cow milk, brown sugar and tapioca pearls.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway Oslo Sandvika
Brown Sugar Boba is comingggg🎉🎉

The speciality with brown sugar boba:

• It’s topped with cream cheese, which is blended in-house by our own formula to create the saltiness of it. Our cream cheese blends in the sweetness of brown sugar, which makes it addicting. It creates an unforgetable and pleasant feeling in your mouth.

• Slowly stir-cooked tapioca pearls with brown sugar, which is a special process to handle the pearls.

It was first launched exclusively on 04.08 for the celebration of @bts.bighitofficial, along with slushy bubble tea with caramel. Since it got massive love from ARMYs, we had more reasons to extend the time period of the exclusive brown sugar boba.

TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway Oslo Sandvika Trondheim
BTS editon for Smooth Like Boba Event

Availibility: from 09.08.21, until it’s gone.

Price: 79 NOK (medium), 95 NOK (large)

Allergy: not suited for vegans and those with lactose intolerance.

Please give us feedback if you try it, because you know we love to hear your response ☺️.

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