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BREAD N BUTTER x TEAOLOGY: official launch date is 28.04.23 at TeaOlogy Lillo Gård (Storo)!

For the first launch period we will only serve 12 products, which is a mix of savoury and sweet food items:

• Ham and egg-sandwich (not suitable for veg or muslims)

• Sausage bread with parmesan cheese (not suitable for veg or muslims)

• Karaage Sando (not suitable for veg or muslims, the chicken is not halal)

• Tamago sando (not suitable for vegans, but can be eaten by pescetarians, vegetarians and muslims)

• Original melonpan

• Chocolate melonpan

• Custard cornet

• Milk chocolate-flavoured cookie

• Mango-filled cream bun

• Japanese cheesecake (jiggly and FLUFF 🤤)

• Matcha cookie

• Fruit sando

Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway
Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway

Over time there will come more products, after demand and wishes 🤍 We hope to see you at TeaOlogy Lillo Gård!

📍Address: Sandakerveien 106, Storo in Oslo

🚍 Take the tram 11/12/17/18, T-bane or bus 30 Nydalen/Bygdøy to get your hands on these delicious baked goods!

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