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Bread N Butter x TeaOlogy: a destination of joy, where we want to bridge East/South East-Asian desse

🤝 Why this collab?

• Since 28.04.23 the team of @bnb_bakeshop and us have served «best of both worlds»: Japanese-inspired baked goods and bubble tea at TeaOlogy Lillo Gård! This collab may have come out of the blue for you, but it's actually a partnership we (us from TeaOlogy) wanted since TeaOlogy came to the world in 2019/2020. Our TeaOlogy team knows the value of working with people with a burning passion for their interests. It's therefore such a pleasure to finally get to join forces with BNB in 2023.

Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway
Teaology - the finest bubble tea in Norway

The people behind BNB are truly shining gems, that talk with such love and care for what they do and serve, which is touching and relatable. We are just as passionate as them when it comes to our products, hence why this collab comes naturally. Rev (CEO and bakery chef in BNB) is a hardworking, loving, energetic man who gratuated with a degree in Norway, then later on took on more courses to specialize in Asian baking methods. All of BNB's pastries are quality-certified and fine-adjusted to perfection.

❤️‍🔥 Who are the people behind BNB?

• BNB is a bakery that focuses on Asian baking methods. It was established in 2014 by a Filipino couple, whom named Rev and Abelene. They had humble beginnings, by having pop-ups around Oslo, until they officially opened up a production factory at Økern in 2019. Since then they have baked quality-rich bread and incredible pastries for high-profiled restaurants and hotels. Later on they opened a physical bakery at Torshov, then Frogner (PAN, @p.a.n_o.s.l.o ).

❗️The one in Torshov is now closed, because we merged their location at Torshov with us at TeaOlogy Lillo Gård.

📍TeaOlogy Lillo Gård, Sandakerveien 106 Oslo

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