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"Behind the scenes " - video of us brewing tea 🎞🎬

🌱 We use tea leaves of hiqh quality, originating from suppliers from Taiwan and England. The quality lays in the way tea leaves are handled from start to finish. It's critical for us to use good "base ingredients", because then we maintain consistency in the quality and taste profiles of our bubble tea/boba.

🍵 Our creations are heavily based on tea. We hope you feel, smell and taste it too. We truly want to enhance the tea, not cover it fully with other ingredients we use in boba. Each cup of boba shall be an unforgettable experience of aromas from the tea itself. You should be able to find the distinctive premium "jasmine green tea"-aroma* in Jasmine Classic, the pleasant taste of "black tea" after a sip of our signature boba "Dirty Chata" and roasted/nutty taste of "oolong tea" in our Silky Oolong.

🧑‍🔬 Each day we brew our tea fresh for you. Maybe you have noticed that our baristas are busy brewing tea, while also making boba with their skillful hands, when you visit us? They work carefully with each tea and boba on the menu. The love and passion we have for boba creations, is something we hope you feel whenever visiting us.

🌟 We believe that our "tea journey" has just started. We want to keep on bringing more tea flavours to our menu and to you. It feels like a life-long mission and adventure to explore more, become greater and do better. Stay tuned for more insight in our journey. Maybe an up-coming "tea field trip" in Taiwan or a tea course in Japan is in sight in the future? We'll see.

Tea and boba is something we deeply care for! The world of tea is endless, exciting and fun to explore. Do you want to keep on joining us?

*Each tea type has its own optimal temperature to extract its taste. In the video you can see us brew green tea in a temperature interval of 80-85 ℃.

If you came to the very end of this long caption: HI HELLO HEYYYY!!! 👋🏽🥰 Hope you enjoyed our «ramble» about tea and us.

Driving a change to tea in #NORWAY#OSLO 🐘🍵💚

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