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Aurora drink inspiration - bubble tea brand in Oslo ❤

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

TeaOlogy fact: Aurora wasn’t supposed to be a permanent drink in our forever-growing boba collection.

Aurora Drink bubble tea Oslo Drammen Sandvika Trondheim Norway
Aurora drink 💕TeaOlogy - the finest bubble tea in Norway

In our mind, this vegan drink was only supposed to be made for special, fun occasions. We contemplated and discussed inward the team, whether it should be made daily or not. Why? Because it’s one of the most time-consuming drinks to make at our place. Our conclusion was to include the drink as a permanent boba member in the menu, regardless of the time-efficiency or not.

The drinks in our boba collection is made one at a time. We LITERALLY measure milliliter by milliliter of the ingredients, then shake them well together. At our place, we don’t just eyeball the ingredients: we want to do each drink thoroughly and carefully.

We truly invest time, effort, love and energy into making our drinks. Therefore, please be patience with us when ordering, especially during rush hours. ‘Cus, damn, during rush hours: things get HECTIC and we wish we had more than two hands.

Thank you for your understanding and patience ❤️ We’re all humans behind the bar station. We try our best to make drinks in a rapid pace, while keeping the quality at PREMIUM ✨

Have a wonderful weekend, beautiful good people! Take care 💞

Driving a change to tea in #NORWAY#OSLO 🐘🍵💚

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