Acknowledgement to doctors in Norway during pandemic

The winner to our latest give away has been randomly picked, but this comment also deserves love 🥰. We will therefore give additionally bubble tea to@yyouli,@mariajiasand@thomasfusdahl❤️. Thank you for your hard work 🏥.

Fight to Corona and acknowledgement from Teaology Oslo

A big round of applause to our valuable healthcare workers 👏🏼. The ones that stand in front to help the innocent ones during this pandemic. The people who are risking their lives to save other. You are seen, supported, appreciated, admired and acknowledged by us. Thank you to everyone that contributes in the fight of corona. Thank you to everyone that makes sure everything goes around. Even though this situation is surreal - we will persist and work together for the best outcome.

✍️ Art credit: Leon Zernitsky


TeaOlogy 🐘🍵💚

Bubble tea / Dessert in Oslo

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